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2024 Hazen Bay Seasonal Lottery Successful Applicants
2024 Hazen Bay Lottery Unsuccessful Applicants & Waiting List

2024 Hazen Bay Lottery Application Link

The link to the 2024 Seasonal Camping link is posted below   Please remember to submit your registration confirmation and you $200 deposit check to:

Hazen Parks and Recreation

PO Box 717

Hazen, ND  58545


Deposits must be in the office no later than February 2nd!

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.

Hazen Bay Seasonal Camping Lottery

The Hazen Bay seasonal camping lottery application process for 2024 will be available on January 9th.  The application process for 2024 will take place online.  A link to the online application will be available on both the homepage and the Hazen Bay page at  Deposit checks should be mailed to Hazen Parks and Recreation at PO Box 717, Hazen ND  58545 along with your registration confirmation.  Applications and deposits will be due by February 2nd.  The lottery will be held at 12:00 pm at Hazen City Hall on February 9th.

Hazen Bay Reservations

Reservations at Hazen Bay for 2024 will open on Monday, March 11th at 8:00 am.  For the link to, please go to the Hazen Bay tab under Camping.

Hazen Bay Opening

By Dan Frei 04/30/2020, 12:00pm CDT

We plan to open Hazen Bay as scheduled on May 15th.  We are currently working with other members of the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Association on formulating Covid-19 guidelines for campgrounds when they open.  We will be taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our campers to the best of our ability.  We are hoping to have a list of these guidelines posted following the May 11th park board meeting.

Hazen Parks & Recreation Highlights

Hazen Parks and Recreation

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Contact Us

Dan Frei - Director

Phone: 701-748-6948

Hazen Bay Reservations issue

We had a glitch with our credit card processing company this morning. They had set a limit on transactions during an hour and we surpassed that number. This is a fraud protection issue on their behalf. The issue should be resolved.


If you were booking a reservation and your transaction was being declined, you will need to rebook your reservation.


I apologize for the inconvenience. This was not something that we were aware of.


Thanks again for you patience.

8/21 Midget Football games postponed.

Due to all of the rain today, a varsity game this evening and continuing rain tonight, the Hazen School has asked us to stay off of the field tomorrow.  With that, we will be cancelling our 5th and 6th grade games for tomorrow.  I will be working with the coaches and the Underwood/Washburn coordinator to reschedule the games.  We will either make them up during the other Saturdays or add a week at the end.  


Have a great weekend everyone!!